Brain Controlled Robot Follows Mental Commands (Video) | Singularity Hub

November 25, 2009

The video lacks sound, so here’s a quick play by play of what you’re seeing:
0:05 – The user is hooked up with non-invasive surface sensors that read brain activity.
0:25 – The robot identifies two objects on the table.
0:56 – The user is shown both objects, with a box alternatively flashing around each. Brain activity peaks when the flash is perceived, thus the system knows which object is being actively focused on.
1:15 – After the selection is interpreted, the robot proceeds to approach and lift the chosen object. (This takes a while).
2:00 – Again, using flashes to record the user’s focus, the robot is told to place the block on the blue platform with the gray square.
2:45 – Success!


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